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How to restore deleted files from “G:\” drive
Last Updated 10 months ago

If you have accidentally deleted a file from your "G:\" drive, it can be restored via the school OneDrive website.

First of all, please go to to to access your one drive online. Your site should look like this:


Once you have accessed the site, please navigate to the left hand menu and go to recycle bin as seen below:


Please note, files are only held here for 30 days, if you are looking for a file which has been deleted more than 30 days, please go to the “Second-stage recycle bin” which can be followed using the link at the bottom of the menu:

Please note that files will stay in the second stage bin for further 63 days.

Once you have selected the files, press restore at the top of the screen and the files will be placed back in their respective folder in your “G” Drive.


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